If praxis is the key to Change, Challenge and Renewal in the lives of both youth and young adults, creating avenues of hope for the larger society will always remain central to MYERT CORPS.

We also believe if changing the world around us means making ourselves available, then at MYERT CORPS it’s our desire to offer youth and young adults mirrors in which they discover themselves.

While gaining new skills within our program it is my hope that through this experience both staff and clients will be able to clarify or gain a better understanding regarding career choices and direction for their future.

Gender equality policies and projects

Myert Corps is committed to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. The advancement in the status of women, and gender equality through the elimination of gender disparity at primary and secondary school levels we believe are keys to the success of development programs. Myert Corps remains steadfast in ensuring that gender mainstreaming remains a key output target for the proposed project.

Environmental policies and projects Myert Corps has a proud tradition of successful Youth Internship projects related to the sustainable management of natural resources. “Eco-Teams”, comprised entirely of youth-at-risk, have made significant contributions, in local communities, through interventions aimed at heightening awareness, increasing knowledge and, when required, remediation or reversing the loss of environmental resources. Myert Corps will continue to hold to this belief and ensure integration of the principles of sustainable development into the proposed project activities.

HIV/AIDS policies and projects The impact of HIV/AIDS on the rural population in the proposed project area is of particular significance to Myert Corps. Kenya is one of 13 countries that have surpassed 10% of adults infected by HIV. The concomitant dual effects on children and women – poverty and disempowerment – and the consequent limitation of access to knowledge about how to protect themselves, leads to their entrenchment in, as UNDP puts it, “ a vicious circle of gender inequality, poverty and voicelessness”.

Our projects attempt to mitigate these effects by addressing the issues of education and poverty. Myert Corps is committed to the access of basic education by children and women, and believes that the vulnerability of this disadvantaged group to HIV/AIDS can be alleviated when the co-factors contributing to the epidemic, namely, lack of basic education and income poverty are addressed. It will continue to be our goal to promote and encourage women have access to basic education and specifically in our proposed area of work we believe women will be impacted directly from the education part of this project

The need for service programs;

As an agency we believe that Canadian values and interests will be best served by focusing our scarce aid resources on poverty reduction, and on the promotion of human development. In an age of structural adjustment and global changes, we as an agency feel that graduating Canadians in different fields are more needed as never before to focus their trained resources towards the world’s poorest people. We believe that in involving college and university students, international work requires not only specialized technical skills, but also international education, international experience, and strong inter-cultural communication skills. In response to this need, we are working in the globalization of Canadians through service programs in developing nations in the south and urban cities in developed nations in the north.


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