Service Delivery Approach

Myert Corps Inc. was established in 1995 as a private company to deliver employment assistance, placement and support services in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland.

Myert Corps works with unemployed individuals in British Columbia and across Canada. Our primary goal is to move youth and adults to a higher level of responsibility and independence by taking a holistic integrated approach to their Education and Employment development.

Myert Corps has developed and delivered a large number of employment assistance, work experience and job placement programs over the last 16 years, under agreements with HRSD, Service Canada, and the province of BC.

Myert Corps Inc. has been involved with Employment Job Search and Career Decision Making programs since 1995, Employment Resource Centres, Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Case Management Services in the Fraser Valley since 2001, and has operated the Youth Employment Resource Centre in Abbotsford since 2005.

A key feature of Myert Corps Inc service delivery model has been centralized case management, as originally established by Service Canada, then ELMSD. This centralized model of case management was highly effective at identifying and serving ALL of our individual client’s needs, through referrals to specialized service delivery programs.

Myert Corps Inc. has been one of the successful employment services organizations in the Fraser Valley, because of our ability to work with others. Our ability to work effectively with others, and to achieve a common success for our shared clients, has been demonstrated time after time.


Vocational Interest and Aptitude Testing:
In addition to the normal needs assessment, and counseling assessment, Myert Corps Inc., provides, in-house, a range of tests related to career decision-making, job search and a simulated work assessment. If required, Myert Corps Inc. staff may arrange for psych-vocational assessments, and an on-the-job assessment.

In-house Vocational Testing - Myert Corps Inc. staff administer and interpret a variety of interest, ability, personality and occupational inventories, such as Myers Briggs, Holland, Strong Interest Inventory, Structured Intellect, etc. These tests are used in either individual or group interventions in the Job Search and Career decision making interventions.

Job Capacity Assessment - a single, comprehensive assessment of an individual’s ability to work. A Job Capacity Assessment (JCA) helps identify a person’s ability to work and any barriers that may prevent them from getting and/or keeping a job. This assessment will help determine the most appropriate service for the client.

Psycho-Vocational Assessment:

Neuro-Psychological Assessments- More comprehensive assessments such as neuro-psychological and learning disabilities assessments will be contracted out to qualified practitioners in the community. Myert Corps Inc. Specialist Counselor will help clients discern if a comprehensive psychological assessment is required, and which one would be the most appropriate. A comprehensive assessment analyzes clients’ aptitude/abilities, learning style, and the strengths/challenges of a career choice and recommends strategies to meet clients’ career goals.

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