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If praxis is the key to Change, Challenge and Renewal in the lives of both youth and adults, creating avenues of hope for the larger society will always remain central to MYERT CORPS
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Myert Corps Inc. is located in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia.
We are a multi-national corporation delivering services in Canada and Africa.
Myert Corps Inc. offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to industry,
non-governmental organizations, and government ministries and departments.

Our service offerings include:
• Economic and labour market research and analysis;
• Project development services
• Project Management
• Program Evaluation Services
• Organizational Development Services
• Workshop planning and development services
• Facilitation services for small and large-group presentations or events.

Myert Research and Analysis Services
Our research and analysis services are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs and organizational goals.

Myert Project Development Services
Myert Corps has been a successful project development organization since 1994.
We developed over 40 unique projects that were sponsored by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, now called Service Canada. All projects were successfully completed within budget and time, and all expected results were met. An additional 20 projects were contracted with the Government of British Columbia between 1996 and 2011.
Myert has developed and completed overseas projects for Canadian International Development Agency in Kenya and Tanzania.
We have participated, as members of project-based review teams chartered by the United Nations, in Egypt, Somalia, and Sudan.
The Myert team has over 45 years of collective experience developing, delivering, and managing projects throughout the world. Our experience with government funding models and organizations requirements is second to none.

Myert Program Evaluation Services
The Myert team provides a complete evaluation service for all types of program models.

We specialize in a collaborative evaluation process, guaranteed to meet your organization’s objectives such as:
• Administrative objectives - Measuring the effectiveness of your resources in meeting your performance goal.
• Process Objectives – Assessing the appropriateness and technical quality of your program processes, such as compliance with policy guidelines.
• Service Quality Objectives – we complete evaluations in this area that are focused on the CLIENTS perception of the quality, and perform a collaborative review exercise with the program staff matching perceptions and reality.
• Outcome Objectives – we can assess your program results, and assess them within the context of your overall goals.

Our program evaluations are:
• Participatory
• Capacity-building
• Pragmatic
• Transparent
• Structured, but flexible

Myert Organizational Development Services
Myert Consulting Services can work with your organization to facilitate your organizational development.

We are skilled at developing and applying four distinct levels of activities:
• Spiritual – we help organizations to determine their “vision’ – the desired outcome and mutual expectations of the organization.
• Intellectual – we design and facilitate organization development activities that people commit to.
• Emotional – we work with you to find and asses the truth of the situation.
• Relational – we support your organization in negotiating what is really wanted and needed to support organizational development.

Myert Facilitation Services
Effective facilitation has been described as part “science” and part “art”.
Myert’s team of seasoned facilitators and presenters are highly skilled in the scientific tools and processes required for facilitating small and large groups. We have applied those tools and processes during thousands of hours in support of various organizations’ objectives.
Our experience and practice with those tools has enabled us to become experts in sensing group dynamics before and during sessions, and selecting the best processes to achieve lasting, meaningful results.
The “art” of facilitating is best described as an ability to combine the structure and sequence of group activities into an overall theme or message that leaves the participants with an enduring, meaningful experience, much like a good play or movie plot.
Myert Facilitation Services will merge the art and the science of facilitation into a complete package. Our services achieve lasting results in group productivity and relations.

The Myert Team
Myert Consulting is led by Imbenzi George MA, PAA, Ph.D (Cand), based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia, and a team of senior management staff ranging from specialization in Information Technology, Management and Policy analysis.

Economic Analysis & Labour Market Information
Myert Consulting brings expertise analyzing the economy, industries and labour markets in British Columbia, Canada, and around the world. We will get you the best information for your labour market needs.

Our labour market information services provide answers to the big questions.
• Where will your industry get the people with the right skills and talent?
• Do you have the people today to meet tomorrow's orders?
• How can employment opportunities be identified?
• How to get skilled people into your industry?
• How to get skilled people at your job site?

Industry Training & Apprenticeship
Myert Consulting analyzes industry needs for apprenticeships and the trades to provide workable options to recruit and train skilled labour. We analyze industry training and apprenticeship models around the world to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date information available.

What we can provide for you
• A world-wide perspective
• Expertise within multiple sectors
• Experience with industry training and apprenticeships
• Understanding the needs of the employer, the industry, the trainer, and the new apprentice
• Understanding the benefits of in-house training

Employment & Training Programs
Myert Consulting provides expert design, development and delivery of employment and training programs to help people gain valuable work experience in the labour market. We can design a new program, develop an existing project, or manage an employment program.
Myert Consulting specializes in designing and developing innovative and effective employment and training programs for recruitment and retention. We design and develop employment & training programs that work for the industry, the employer and the staff.

Our Expertise:
• Good training saves money
• Good recruitment leads to better workers
• Programs match skill, aptitude and interest, with real on the job requirements
• Program evaluations and reviews provide insight to future activities

Communications & Marketing
Myert Consulting provides practical realistic advice and strategies on how to successfully communicate and market employment related information.
We provide targeted communications and marketing plans, strategies, and tactics to disseminate labour market information for hard to reach audiences.

Our communications & marketing services provide:
• Useful marketing strategies
• Career and employment focused
• Expertise media – mainstream, community media, alternative media
• Internal & external communications
• Stakeholder management
• Expertise with hard to reach audiences, including:
Government Policy & Analysis
Myert Consulting has experience developing and analyzing policies and programs for the federal and provincial governments in Canada. We can help your industry identify and address your needs through government policy and programs

Contact us at Head Office located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.
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